11 May 2019
sustainable engineering

What the sustainable chemical master owes to the world

Today we’re going to get serious, our sustainable chemical master is what you need to know and the reason is worth it. Normally we take it […]
23 April 2019

Are you looking for work or work experience? In ETSEQ we have offers from chemical engineering companies for your work experience.

If you are finishing your master in chemical engineering and you’re asking yourself where to do your work experience, we’ll help you. Because the basis of […]
1 April 2019
best master in chemical engineering

Etseq, the best chemical engineering masters programs

Have you finished your degree and you still want to study? Etseq has the best chemical engineering masters programs to make your academic training the most […]
26 February 2019

Is technology management a good degree?

Many of you ask is technology management a good degree.  It is normal because every year new studies arise, and more and more specific, so that […]