22 June 2018
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What can I do with a master’s in engineering? Your future profession

After studying a master’s degree: and now what?   Before and after studying, the first question that we tend to ask is: what can I do […]
14 June 2018

A master’s, yes or not? To study a master’s in Tarragona is your best option…

… and we demonstrate it to you   If you are planning to study a master’s degree in Tarragona, surely you are interested in engineering; and […]
14 June 2018

What to do in Tarragona: everything a student should visit

What to do in Tarragona becomes a widespread doubt of our master’s students, so I am sharing some of the (obligatory) places you have to visit […]
8 June 2018

10 things you should know about engineering studies

In search of the best engineering studies?   We have them: if we are experts in anything, we are experts in engineering studies, because we are […]