What is the average salary of a chemical engineer?

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9 August 2018
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When we say that engineers are not abundant and are highly prized we do not deceive you; in Spain it is one of the most demanded profiles because there are very few professionals with an analytical profile and exact sciences. That is why it is said that the average salary for a chemical engineer is usually very high. Is this true? Let’s find out together!



They are those profiles that work with energy, e.g. renewable energy. This professional profile is highly prized in Spain, it may be that more demand faces a very low offer; salaries for these professionals tend to be around €45,000- €50,000 per year.

If we compare the salary of a junior lawyer with a junior engineer we see a big difference, the € 1,200 per month of the junior lawyer competing with the €1,800 per month of the junior engineer. It makes you think, right?


It’s a very new sector where increasingly there is demand for integration of a professional engineer profile since people are sought with analytical capacity and connected with data; and that tends to be the training of an engineer. Do you want to enter this sector? Your salary will be between €60,000-€80,000 per year depending on the professional experience that you accumulate. There is no worthwhile excuse, if you are thinking of doing this master’s degree in chemical engineering, knowing the average salary of an engineer has to be the push that you were lacking.


They are without a doubt the engineers who make the most in this sector, and it is also because there are very few who decide to go for this specialization since it requires very much effort, an innate mastery of numbers and an exclusive sacrifice of dedication to overcome this so complicated specialization; in fact, graduates are sought by the companies and begin earning an average of 22,000 euros a year. A senior can make 100,000 euros a year easily.




Are you thinking about it? Come and learn more about your future.


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