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26 February 2019
Are you looking for work or work experience? In ETSEQ we have offers from chemical engineering companies for your work experience.
23 April 2019
best master in chemical engineering

Have you finished your degree and you still want to study? Etseq has the best chemical engineering masters programs to make your academic training the most valuable that there is going to be in the market.

It is very common that university degree studies are not the last you want to do. In fact, it is increasingly common that at the end of the undergraduate degree, you opt for a master’s degree. We know that, and that is why we come with the obligation to have you prepared for the best master’s degree you can imagine, with the most useful and updated programs to make the study as profitable as possible. We are aware that plenty of master’s are offered and for sure you like more than one, but we are confident that we can offer you the best chemical engineering masters programs.


Maybe you think that this is what all universities offering master’s say to you. But if you are a chemistry student or any close science and want to extend and complement your studies in this field, our master’s is the closest to what you are looking for. Engineers are increasingly demanded and they are more and more demanded; and if we talk about the complex world of chemistry, we can affirm to you that it is a profile that is looked for. So it is in your hands if you want to take advantage of this extra year that you’ve given yourself to study.


If we haven’t totally convinced you, we will give you a small taste of what the chemical master’s of Etseq will provide you with.


Are you ready?


  • Why choose it? One of the reasons why it is the best chemical engineering masters programs is because of its clear orientation to the work environment. We’ll explain ourselves, we know what the concerns and requirements of companies are, and therefore focus our operational activities so that you develop those skills that are needed by these companies. It is why the Etseq profile is the one which best fits to the world of work, because we proceed from the basis that we know what we must teach.


  • What will I learn? It is true that it is a question that is a little difficult to answer, since learning has a lot to do with the student. But what we can say is what knowledge we offer for your training this year. So we first want to tell you that we are dealing with giving you a different approach this year, more innovative, and not so much of what we usually call protocol. We combine the theoretical part with practical applications, so that one complements the other, and vice versa. On the other hand, for those qualified chemists who want to know more technical aspects, we also have arguments for you. Our professors will teach you aspects that affect the design and control of all chemical processes, and also you are going to see what a sustainable production is like. This is roughly speaking, nor do we want to tell you the entire educational program, but as we have said, we deal with aspects clearly focused on your future employment. But at Etseq not everything is technical aspects, we also care about personal development. We are focused so that you as a student improve very valuable skills such as initiative and versatility, as well as other essential skills such as teamwork and leadership. For sure you are tired of seeing and reading that many times personal skills matter as much, or more, than the know-how; and in this aspect we are sure that we will also improve you.

Perhaps some of the things that we have dealt with here make us the best chemical engineering masters programs that you can choose.


  • What technical profile will I have when I finish? In the end we already know that one of the things that you are most interested in is how the big companies will view your profile; well then, let us tell you that your profile is greatly appreciated. You are going to be able to respond to the possible problems of design of chemical products and processes. In addition, you can intervene in all areas and aspects covering the chemical sector, since education at Etseq is integral. And if that weren’t enough, you will be able to use computer methods to solve problems in whatever field. What do you think? Do you have clear that we have the best chemical engineering masters programs?


  • In what language is the master’s? Another of our strengths. You see it on all sides. They tell you everywhere. How important is English? You know the answer. And we contribute to making your profile even more valued than what we had already told you. Doing the master’s degree in English will allow you to master the language, even those technical terms, and this will give you an edge extremely valued in companies.


  • Will I carry out work experience? We already know that it is one thing that you are particularly interested in. It is normal; it is in some cases your first work experience and you are excited. Work experience is a key part of our master in chemical engineering because we really believe in the benefits that it brings to you as students. We work with multiple companies to offer you not only the period in work experience, but also the possibility of doing the master’s final project, so that you can carry out a project in the company. It sounds attractive, right? It is one of the things that our students value most.


  • What is life like in Tarragona? Although you shouldn’t choose the master’s because of the place, for sure in many cases you also take it into account. We know. As we know that perhaps Tarragona doesn’t have the glamour or recognition that Barcelona has. But as experts in the area, we will say that it is a very welcoming place and that, being little known, it hides very attractive places for you. It is an ideal environment to study. And coming to study in Spain is one of the best decisions you can make, since it is considered as one of the best country for masters in chemical engineering. Would you like to check it out?

best master degree after chemical engineering

We could keep telling you more arguments why you should come to live this experience with us. We still have a lot of information to give you. But what we don’t want is to saturate you, since we want to also give you your time so that you decide that Etseq can provide you, without a doubt, the best masters degree after chemical engineering. We are not vain, we just trust in our team and our program, which every year ends up being highly attractive and profitable for our students.


If you want to discover a little more about us, or you have any remaining questions to resolve, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to be by your side and solve all your fears and questions to accompany you in this year of specialized training. If you’re a chemist, no doubt this is your place. If you’re not, but you’re in the field, there is also room for you. We love chemistry and have the best facilities and equipment for the personal development of our students. Do not miss the opportunity!


We know that it is difficult to decide to do a master’s and commit yourself to study one more year, so do it in the best possible way.


Etseq, your place of learning.




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