9 August 2018

How to become a chartered engineer and its (great) meaning

How to become a chartered engineer is something that we believe that you must know as future engineers: chartered is recognition of professional qualifications acquired by […]
14 August 2018

What is the average salary of a chemical engineer?

When we say that engineers are not abundant and are highly prized we do not deceive you; in Spain it is one of the most demanded […]
20 August 2018

The 5 current environmental issues you should know

Environmental issues are commonplace and a problem globally which affect us all, it is of paramount importance to solve them in the shortest possible time, we […]
28 August 2018

The best engineering fair in Spain you need to know

To be a good engineer, you have to know the best engineering fair in Spain. Why? A professional must know (obviously) not only the branches of […]