Are you looking for work or work experience? In ETSEQ we have offers from chemical engineering companies for your work experience.

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1 April 2019
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If you are finishing your master in chemical engineering and you’re asking yourself where to do your work experience, we’ll help you.

Because the basis of training must be theoretical and practical: for this reason in ETSEQ we always make it possible that the student can go to the best companies for chemical engineers.

Now that you know our chemical engineering masters programmes, maybe you have considered taking a step further and carrying out a work experience exchange in a company where you can put into practice the knowledge that you obtained during your years of training. Apart from the work experience, you will also have to do your thesis. We will take it into account when you decide to look for your company.

It’s for this reason that, thanks to our situation as a university, we have been able to create  links with the most important chemical engineering companies in the south of Europe, which allows us to collaborate with them and offer you a pack of thesis and company work experience.

You will be asking yourself: what is the pack of company work experience and master’s final project?

ETSEQ offers the option of carrying out external work experience for six months in one of the companies that we will introduce below, and which are the leading chemical engineering companies in Europe. You will work on industrial projects and, apart from that, you will be able to carry out your master’s final project.

Without a doubt an experience which make a distinction to your degree and will make you grow a lot at a professional level.

But, what companies can I go to?

We’ll tell you a little bit about each one of them so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs and you.

Big and global companies:

  • Repsol: it is a company with strength and experience in the Spanish market, which has a solid position in the national market, and is recognised as one of the leading companies in the industrial sector.
What activities do they carry out?
  • They are leaders in the Spanish energy sector, which means to say that they explore and produce, create service stations, lubricants, LPG, chemistry and commercialisation of other specialised products.
Chemistry in Repsol:
  • The company’s goal is to improve its customers’ daily lives with chemistry. That is to say, if you want to do your work experience in this company, you would carry out projects related to creating everyday objects which improve the quality of life of people, their well-being and their safety at home.
  • It is for this reason that in Repsol they also take the environment into account a lot; you will be able to train based on the new energies, and how to develop engineering that will be beneficial for the planet.


  • Technip: it is a leading company specialised in petroleum and gas, which offers patented technologies and systems of production, integrated experience and integrated solutions with the goal to offer better efficiency in all the life cycles of a project; from the concept to delivering the project and beyond, through innovative and improved efficiency technologies.
What activities do they carry out?
  • Being a global petroleum and gas company, they carry out many activities which also require chemical engineering. They do submarine explorations, they study surface sustainable technologies, and they create fleets, robotics, project management consultancy … and many more things.
  • They carry out projects in Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East and the Americas.
Chemistry in Technip:
  • Their offer opens possibilities to develop in resources related to petroleum and gas. They have more than 37,000 employees and a culture of intentional innovation within the industry. It’s for this reason that you will be able to work on projects which need chemical engineering at a global level and to collaborate with your team.


  • Messer: it is a leading global level family company which produces industrial, medicinal and specialised gases. The company offers products and services in Europe, Asia, and America.
What activities do they carry out?
  • They have carbon dioxide plants, where they generate gases from the air (oxygen, nitrogen, argon). They also work with helium, alimentary gases, and gases for welding and cutting, gases as a manufacturing additive of metals, pure and mixed gases, pharmaceutical gases, gases for scuba diving, medicinal gases…
Chemistry in Messer:

If you carry out your work experience in Messer, you will learn and be able to develop your knowledge of chemistry with the creation of the different gases that the company offers. If you want to work in the gas industry: Messer is your company


Companies centered on sustainable development

  • BASF: it is a company which is concerned about the environment and whose objective is to protect the planet through science and innovation. They work in different sectors: they create material products, industrial and chemical solutions, surface technology, nutrition and solutions in agriculture.
What activities do they carry out?
  • As their values indicate, they carry out chemical activities related to improving the environment and creating new energies that will not be harmful for the planet.
Chemistry in BASF:
  • The chemical engineering segment is centred on maintaining and developing the fusion of production of BASF. This segment gives operative and technological excellence, the economies of scale, the availability of integration and raw materials, reliable and economical logistics, as well as the reduction of complexity. You will be able to carry out projects in these areas and contribute to a better future.



  • SCA: it is a company which creates renewable energies. Specifically, they create pellet, which is a product made of wood, pulp, paper, and packaging material which generates energy as refined and non-refined biofuels.
What activities do they carry out?
  •  Their strength is making products from wood which produce energy, wood as a biofuel. So, they create products from wood for builders’ merchants and D I Y retailers, wood products for industry, wood products for the home, soft wooden shavings for horses, liquid biofuel products, solid biofuels, Pellets and Stall pellets…
Chemistry in SCA:
  • If your objective is to work somewhere that is concerned about the environment and researches which engineering there is to use chemistry to improve our future, in SCA you will be to work on various projects; as much in the creation of products as in the study of innovative energies. As well as the creation of machinery adapted to the needs and values of the company.

These are the most important companies that we offer and whom we have an agreement with, but you can find more on our webpage and also by yourself.

It’s important that your decision should be conscious, given that it could well be your new workplace after the company work experience. For this reason, we recommend that you go to a company which shares the same values as you; and where their projects interest you and your principles and goals in the environment of chemical engineering.


As a result, the experience of company work experience will open many doors for you and will make you grow as a professional.


What are you waiting for to plan your future?

Dare to discover, to go to where you have always dreamed, change country, get to know other cultures and other parts of the world …


Everything that is change will give you life.

For this reason in ETSEQ we back change and new opportunities.




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