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13 September 2018
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30 October 2018

Students or prospective students, we come to clarify all doubts about the chemical engineering university and it’s an important enough step to think twice. Last week we gave you a test to know if you’re compatible with the degree, today what we will do is to inform you a bit more about your professional future if the test gave you a match with these studies; if it was like this, it is because it is true love and has to be fought for.



As a theoretical definition: chemical engineering is the branch which is responsible for the administration, supervision and control of chemical, biochemical and physical processes oriented to transform raw material into processed products.



We have seen before the theoretical definition of what is the chemical engineering university, now will see a little the scope of this degree. Our future engineers can devote themselves to many branches, because chemical engineering encompasses everything that has to do with the research and development of new actions linked to currently applicable areas such as environmental improvement, as well as the development of new proposals to eradicate environmental problems such as global warming, pollution of the seas… On the other hand our professional chemical engineers will be able to develop the design of new materials and technologies.



Having a very wide scope, a chemical engineer will be able to devote their activity as much to research, if that is their vocation, as to day-to-day work, for example in the field of patents.


Not everything begins in the world of work, although you may think the degree gives only the theoretical basis of your training and your great challenge will be outside, you are slightly wrong: the chemical engineering university will not only train you in the best way in this sector, but you will also develop analytical thinking and multiple skills so you can choose your path; think that not all your classmates are going to devote themselves to the same branch as you. On the other hand you are both training yourselves with the same bases (leaving aside the small subjects that it helps you to choose on your way). So you too will have the capabilities to devote yourself to any another sector within chemical engineering. As we rightly say to you, in Masters Etseq we prepare you so you may be the best, and from the first course do work experience to be part of this professional and also demanded sector as soon as possible. Well then, let’s get to what interests us: will I have work?



Here we’ll talk about the best chemical engineering universities, since Masters Etseq is part of one of them; as a Superior School of Chemical Engineering, we want to give you the best service. For this reason we provide you with some advantages over other universities. Then, what will you find?




Our first advantage is the situation: we are in Tarragona, oil territory and, as it happens, we offer work experience to all of our students right from the first course, so some of the most recognized companies such as Repsol, will open the doors of their headquarters so that you can enter to be part of this world; keep in mind that chemical engineers are the most demanded professionals and that therefore you will be able to have work secured simply by finishing the degree. Then we have another advantage: practical training from the very first moment.


Have we convinced you? Check out our school and ask for more information 🙂

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