4 things you should bear in mind before choosing a master’s

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Choosing a master’s degree is not an easy task, it is a specialization after college or a leap forward to open the range of possibilities within a job, so first of all let us congratulate you: doing a master’s will be one of the best choices in your professional career; and so that you do not fail we are sharing with you everything you need to know before choosing a master’s. Let’s do this!




  • What I want to do: first of all you have to be very clear where you want to go, which branch is the one that you want to specialize in; once you have it clear, the next part is researching universities and schools that offer the master’s degree which you are interested in.


  • Look at the faculty: it is very important to keep in mind. Take a good look at the teachers that give support to your master’s, and the impact on society that they offer, i.e. if they have given talks, if they have been invited to debate programs, publications they have been able to make, research… everything is important when it comes to education!


  • The program matters (and a lot): the subjects that you will be taught during the two years of the master’s are very important; you have to choose the master’s that offers you the best training and with subjects close to reality, and that are useful to your day-to-day as a professional. Those master’s degrees which cover subjects that are practically the same as those you did in your undergraduate degree… will not be useful for much more than expanding some knowledge in an area that you’ve already educated yourself in.


  • It must have work experience: without being able to test everything learned, or support your training in real situations, it will not be worthwhile: internships are very important in order to complete your training as a professional. Choosing a master’s degree is easier if there is work experience.





As you can see, the tips to choosing a master’s degree that we have shared with you should be your Bible.



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