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27 September 2018
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24 November 2018

Choosing a degree or studies, engineering colleges Barcelona is one of the most important steps that you will take in life; now you say to us: “so far I’ve taken some of the most important steps in my life”.


Maybe you think that everything is finished once you have finished your degree, you have already decided which branch to devote your professional and personal activity to, you’ve already studied everything (you think), but sorry, we want to open your eyes to reality because not everything finishes with the degree.


Over time all future professionals are very well prepared and with a lot of training, so that there is much competition among them and to be the best, we are not only talking about a university degree that before might have seemed everything; university is now something that it is assumed that everyone has done and what are asked for now are master’s, postgraduate degrees, specific training courses and doctorates. It’s like that, but we now say to you that we have the solution: as we are an engineering  colleges Barcelona not only do we give you training in degrees but we go further and offer a wide range of master’s degrees so that you can develop in a more specific discipline and have the best curriculum on the desk. Today, without going any further we will talk about the reason why chemical engineering is one of the best degrees you can do and how you can complement your training with the best master’s taught by the best and most professional teachers. Are you ready to discover what your future will be like? We won’t make you wait any longer 🙂




  • Opportunities: among all university degrees, chemical engineering is the one that has the most range of opportunities. Why? The type of degree prepares future professionals to work in positions of responsibility in companies in the productive, commercial, financial and technological sectors. This happens because engineers work with production processes that are all processes that occur in a company to create product.


  • Urgent new jobs: within chemical engineering there is a specialization that requires immediate professional incorporation and immediate research: the environmental situation. Let’s have a look at the future: environmental pollution is a problem on the agenda, in the latest meetings carried out the promises of cooperation and reduction of waste and pollution have not been accepted by everyone, and climate change is something we are already experiencing; so our chemical engineers have to put on the table counter briefings with optimized process designs to give a global and feasible solution. Would you like to be the saviour of the world? Get to it. After your chemical engineering degree, specialize with our renewable energy master’s to provide new points of view in the research and development of new environmental plans; biodegradable bags marked a before and an after. You can be the next in developing the next product 😉


  • Innovation: If you thought that chemical engineering was the antithesis of a creative career you are very wrong: an engineer must use creativity in compression of problems and design of solutions in the areas of production and administration as well as the study of operations.


  • Business work experience: and here we are very sure, we have several reasons for which you can fall head over heels for our master’s and degrees. The first thing we will tell you is that we are located in Tarragona. We are one of the most privileged engineering colleges Barcelona, as it is in Tarragona where the headquarters of the most important petroleum and chemical industry in general are located; for this reason, our students do work experience in major companies in the industry from the first degree or master’s. Once they become professionals, do you know what happens? A chemical engineer’s professional profile is one of the most popular due to its scarcity, so when you graduate finding work will be virtually 100%. There are many companies that hire engineers even before the end of their training.


  • A renowned school: now let’s talk a little bit about us: we are the reference technical school in chemical engineering affiliated to Universitat Rovira i Virgili. A recent published article endorses the URV as: “The URV is the fourth most highly-ranked university in Spain according to U-Ranking” and that says a lot about us. Another of the publications we want to highlight speaks about us is in the article: “The URV has 14 disciplines among the best in the world in the Shanghai Ranking “. Do you still have to think about it? We believe that we have given you enough reasons to spark your interest to be an industrial chemical engineer. And if it happens that you’re still not convinced at all… We suggest that you continue reading.



As you well know our engineering college Barcelona ETSEQ is located in Tarragona. Before we have already mentioned the great advantages which that has for our chemical engineering students, but we are going to see the touristic advantages that you can enjoy if you are coming to study in Tarragona:


  • The Devil’s Bridge: a beautiful structure of stone that you can go see, and indeed should. If during your studies you decide to stay to live for a while in Tarragona you will have to know each and every one of the corners that make it special, and you cannot miss this part of Roman culture, as well as the Roman circus, a mandatory visit.


  • Port Aventura: you like those words and we know it. It is the best theme park that we have here, full of spaces for all ages; it only remains for you to try the stronger attractions which give the park its name and which define it: Shambalah, Furios Baco, Dragon Khan, Hurricane Condor… They are some of the names that should ring a bell. In addition, this year Ferrari Land has opened with the highest attraction in Europe to now put the icing on the cake in this park. We want to recommend something: visit the park on Halloween, in summer, and on designated holidays, but above all visit it in winter, for Kings or Christmas. The queue to the attractions is practically nil and you can enjoy seeing the cavalcade of the three Kings live. Really, it is an adventure that you can’t let escape, make a note of a day in your diary so that your mates and you enjoy an unforgettable day in the best company.





We have given you all the possible reasons that you should consider ETSEQ as the next school where to get trained; not only in first degrees but also in master’s, because we have one of the best offers in master’s for you so you specialise even more in your field: renewable energies, nanotechnology materials and processes, chemical engineering, prevention of occupational risks, management of technology businesses, engineering thermodynamics of fluids and master’s degree in fluid dynamics. Have you had a look at one of them? Then it only remains for you to ask for information and  enrol 😉

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