Chemical Engineering

Our Master in Chemical Engineering helps to guarantee a professional future to all those that believe that this is their place in the workplace. The Master is designed for graduate students who are interested in chemical engineering and plan to become professionals. You will have the opportunity to follow our classes which are 100% in English and participate in our Work Experience programme which awards talented students with the equivalent to the cost of enrollment of the first year of the Master followed by a Final Master Thesis in one of the participating companies.

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Master in Environmental Engineering
and Sustainable Energy (MEESE)

Our Master in Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Energy will introduce you to the world of the Environmental and Energy sectors, enabling you to become a professional in the analysis, prevention and correction of environmental damage, solve problems of unsustainable resource consumption, waste generation, assessment of environmental impact, provide you with a vision of the energy market and give you an awareness of the efficient use of energy. This Master is designed for people who want to gain expertise in the sustainability of processes and products and the integrated management of resources and energy.

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Nanoscience, Materials
and Processes

The aim of this Master is to train new professionals in the field of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Materials, and Chemical Engineering (for graduates from experimental sciences and technologies: Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Physics, Quantum Chemistry, Biological Chemistry, Microbiology, etc.) with a clear orientation towards research. The Master is a springboard for students who want to work in research & development at universities, research institutes and industries that require novel scientific and technical knowledge. Completely taught in English, with the possibility to complete the Master Thesis in Northeastern University (Boston, USA)

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Occupational Risk Prevention

Our Master's Degree in Occupational Risk Prevention trains Superior Technicians to respond to a need and a foreseeable demand of the labor market and work centers that emerged as a result of the publication of BOE No 27 of January 31st, 1997, of the Regulation of prevention services, approved by Royal Decree 39/1997, of January 17th. This Master is directed towards professionals in the sector that wish to become Superior Technicians in this specialisation.

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Technology and Engineering Management

This Master offers practical, methodological and specialised training in the areas of economics, innovation, human resources, sustainability, entrepreneurship, marketing, logistics, organisational change, negotiation and leadership for students with experience in engineering who wish to continue their career. This Master degree is aimed at ambitious students with a Bachelor's degree in engineering or natural sciences that desire to acquire experience in the areas of business management in technology-based industries.

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Energy Conversion
Systems and Technologies

In this Master you will study integrated energy solutions to address multiple complex problems that concerns our society nowadays: from the recovery of waste energy and the use and integration of renewable energy sources in energy smart grids to its final application in buildings and industrial facilities with low-carbon and cost-effective energy technologies.



Computational Fluid Mechanics

This interuniversity Master (URV-UNIR) is aimed at people who wish to orient their professional and / or research activity towards the field of Computational Fluid Mechanics (CFD) and their application in areas as diverse as energy, biomedicine, automotive, petrochemical industry, food industry, aeronautics or the environment, among others. With the aim of reaching students from all of Latin America, MEFCO is taught using Spanish and is 100% online. The Master provides comprehensive knowledge about Fluid Mechanics that will allow the graduate to efficiently face problems in which the fluid is the determining element and in which matter and energy transport phenomena and chemical reactions can also occur. The student will develop the ability to use different numerical simulation programs and will learn to choose the most suitable one for the resolution of each specific problem.