10 things you should know about engineering studies

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16 May 2018
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14 June 2018

In search of the best engineering studies?


We have them: if we are experts in anything, we are experts in engineering studies, because we are the technical school of chemical engineering par excellence of Tarragona, and we going to tell you everything you need to know about this branch of studies, so that you can become the expert that the sector demands. Let’s learn together!


  1. Not all engineering is the same.
  2. You will have to invest many hours in study.
  3. If your thing is not information technology… you will have to exert yourself more than the rest.
  4. You’re going to need languages. We don’t tell you only for the studies, which are also important, but languages are indispensable for every day.
  5. Engineering studies require many hours, take the courses calmly.
  6. You will learn to manage instruments and devices that are going to look like NASA objects.
  7. You will become a professional in the laboratory and in analysis.
  8. Not all engineering is the same, so first of all find out well what gets your attention.
  9. Engineers have an occupancy percentage 4 times greater than the average of employees.
  10. You will enter a very personally fulfilling sector.


engineering studies


Do you have it clear? What we do know is that we demand excellence from our students so that they become top engineers; think that if you too want to be an engineer you could end up finding a solution to global warming, and that is a great satisfaction. So we just have to tell you that if you are curious about engineering studies, you have in front of you the ladder you were looking for. Please contact us for any questions you may have. We are waiting for you!

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