The 5 current environmental issues you should know

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14 August 2018
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Environmental issues are commonplace and a problem globally which affect us all, it is of paramount importance to solve them in the shortest possible time, we know, but… are we really aware of the problems that this is causing the entire world? It seems that if something does not affect us directly we do not give it the importance that it should have. In this post we will ring alarm bells of the environmental issues that are happening right now. In fact, in the time you’ve taken to read this, one of the blocks of the Antarctic ice has melted more; chilling, right?




  • Water pollution: just incredible, the waters are polluted every day, families have to move to new areas, where wells have drinking water, to keep their family alive, and it is because water is the source of life, and we cannot do without it.


  • Goodbye to natural resources: and it will be like this, one day, we will say goodbye and never more will we know of them. The massive exploitation and consumption of natural resources is irresponsible to not say anything worse, and the saddest thing is that this is continuing to grow in giant steps. We have to stop it and the solution is in our hands, so we have to be aware.


  • Excessive use of chemical fertilizers: fields where you can not practice agriculture, families who have to leave their homes, chemicals in foods that seriously harm health, apart from the devaluation of the quality of the produce. Do we want this for our children?





It is in your hands to control environmental issues, as a future professional in the sector you will devote your efforts to creating improvements for the planet and to raising public awareness. Do you accept the challenge?


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