How to become a chartered engineer and its (great) meaning

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26 July 2018
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How to become a chartered engineer is something that we believe that you must know as future engineers: chartered is recognition of professional qualifications acquired by the ICE (Institute of Civil Engineers) that validates you as a professional to carry out projects and technical engineering documents. So today we are going to see how to become a chartered engineer in the UK.




  • Quarterly reports: it might sound a little strange but it is like that, the ICE sets objectives that the engineer has to comply with throughout his/her professional career. The way to demonstrate that these objectives have been met is through quarterly reports.


  • Delegate Engineer: the projects must be written by engineers and include all the work of at least three months; after completion, these reports must be delivered to the Delegate Engineer, who will be the person that will evaluate the work and add comments for the its correct carrying out.


  • Civil Engineer Supervisor: when it comes to a number of projects, something similar to 4 a year, these projects are presented to the Civil Engineer Supervisor, who has the authority to sign the project and decide if the skills have been acquired by the professional.




Once having passed this stage 3, the professional will go on to be chartered; and that is how to become a chartered engineer becomes reality. Of course, you cannot be chartered if you have not been an engineer before, and for the same reason we open the doors of our School of Engineering Master’s; so your training may be the best and you will be able to be chartered, for those who want it. Shall we start today?


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