Is technology management a good degree?

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30 January 2019
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1 April 2019

Many of you ask is technology management a good degree.  It is normal because every year new studies arise, and more and more specific, so that at the end you don’t know what each thing is or if it is the best for you.

In this post were going to deal with getting you interested in one of our master’s degrees so that you have another option to consider. We are not going to say it’s what you have to study, because it’s only you who can decide. Well then, if we offer you another possibility that maybe you haven’t taken into account for the simple fact the you don’t know what it is (it’s normal, sometimes it is difficult to know everything from the name); so that, from everything the master’s degree can bring you, you can decide what you really like. Who knows, if we discover something you weren’t thinking about or never imagined could make you feel enthusiastic.

Competence, multichannel, technology management, industry, science, Internet, research, networking, entrepreneur, start-up. Sure that it’s a list of words that ring a bell, since they are present in your day-to-day. What do we mean to say by this? That maybe it’s not a bad option to study a master of science in technology management.

In this world in which technology has such an important role, maybe now is a good moment to turn you into an expert, and what better way than with us. So we’re going to deal with explaining to you why is technology management a good degree for you and what it can offer you, so that when you leave you will have to open an umbrella to protect yourself from the rain of job offers you’re going to get.


  • Is technology management a good degree? It is the question in a million. Am I doing the right thing if I opt for this master’s? Am I going to like it? Does it have a good reputation? Is it a profile that is needed? When you choose a master’s degree there are a thousand questions you would like to have an answer to. For the moment, and to start, we’ll tell you that the master’s will allow you to get experience in the areas of administration and management of companies which base their activity on technology. So to begin, it’s not a bad idea to get these competences for the type of companies that, surely, will keep increasing more and more, because there is more and more repercussion from all of the phenomenon of industry 4.0, digitalisation and automatization of processes. And the thing is that finally, ITC is every day more relevant in all companies, and having the capacity to work with them and understand them is a point in favour which would give you an advantage.


  • What can it bring me? Perhaps this is the other question in a million. How can I know if this is the master’s degree that I need? Is technology management a good degree? We have been students too, and it sure that we know that sometimes you finish the master’s and think that what you have learnt is difficult to apply. A lot of theory and a lot of presentations, but not very practical. And we all know that in the end we get bored by all of the four-hour Power Point We can’t say to you that there won’t be theory, because indeed there is, and we must be honest and recognise what is necessary. But yes we can say to you that in equal parts there will be specialised work experience sessions, which will allow you to apply what you learned in theoretical classes and you’ll be able to have your first contact with real situations that you will be able to find in your very near working future.


  • What areas does my master’s include? Yes, we are already talking as if we know that you’re going to choose us, because you like what you are reading. But of course, maybe you’re also thinking that, as we already said to you before, only with the name of the master’s degree you don’t know what you’re going to do. Think about what exactly it is that the study programme includes. With our MTEM, the work experience classes could lead to the areas of economics, human resources, marketing, leading, negotiation, innovation, sustainability or logistics. Don’t you think that you’re going to learn a lot of things? You will have knowledge of all these areas, and not only theoretically. How does it look to you? Surely by now practically all of you have the answer to the question is technology management a good degree. So we can only invite you to bet on us.


  • What professors does the master’s have? For those of you who are still not totally convinced that a masters degree technology management is what you need, now our part is to tell you that the professors who work with you are experts in their fields, both academically and professionally, coming in many cases from global companies. So there’s no better way to learn from real practical cases which happen in companies since this will be your path when you leave us.


  • Why Etseq? This question cannot be missing because surely it is what you are asking. Sometimes it turns out to be complicated to choose what we are going to study. And if that weren’t enough, you have to add the difficulty of choosing between two or more universities. Don’t believe that now we are going to tell you good things just so that you come with us. We care about our students and for that reason we only want to inform you how we do things, without lies. In Etseq we very much value working in teams and for that reason in our bachelor’s degrees and master’s we always try to give great importance to the practical part. Our experience has told us that working with other students you see distinct ways of working which could complement your modus operandi. Furthermore we always try to count on the best teaching team so that this stage of learning can be as rich as possible. Finally, and although it sounds a little like a cliché, you are going to be able to enjoy all this in the surroundings and environment ideal for every student.




Do you believe that we could tell you even more things? Maybe yes, but we believe that we have already told you the basic points so that you have all the information possible to be able to choose us. Nor do we want to drill you with a lot of information. But yes, we do believe it a good idea that if what you’re looking for is to do a business technology management degree this is the post that you must read. If you think that there is something that we haven’t answered or that you want to ask about, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

We like being close to our students and being able to offer them all possible conveniences so that they enjoy studying. Maybe you think that the words enjoying and studying cannot go in the same sentence, but with our masters in engineering technology were going to make sure that every day you are keen to come and you won’t want the day to end.

The moment arrives when we have to say farewell, sure we could keep talking with you, but now we want to leave you for a while so that you can read the post again and assimilate it well so that our master’s degree is an option that you can really take into account, since it offers many possibilities which could be valid and useful for your future.  We can only wait for you, and say that we will receive you with open arms and are very keen to accompany you on this path.


Masters, to make your passion your professional future.

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