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11 May 2019
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If you are looking to study a master degree in Barcelona, we tell you that you’re very lucky, we’re really lucky that you have ended up here, letting us tell you that you have found what you are looking for.


Master degree in Barcelona: first of all, let us introduce ourselves (in case you still don’t know us): we are Masters Etseq the Superior School of Chemical Engineering at Tarragona, we are affiliated to Rovira i Virgili University and we offer the best master’s degrees in chemical engineering to train students like you, and to train professionals who want to widen their knowledge of the sector. We have tempted you, we know it, we have this gift; well, when you find what you’re looking for it makes a perfect match and a feeling of great happiness comes over you, isn’t that so? Well, this is what we want you to feel about everything we are going to present to you. Let us tell you that chemical engineering is a very exciting world with which you will be able to build a future of interests and new challenges, since it is something that is always changing and there always appear new challenges to be given a solution. For example what we have on the table now (the engineers) are sustainable solutions for big cities, global warming … everything whatever to offer solutions for these big groups and you could be the super engineer who brings peace to the world. Sounds good, right? We’re going to see what your specialisations are going to be.


It’s very important that anybody who comes out from an engineering degree, or is a professional in the sector, specialises in an area as chemical engineering has a thousand branches and this way you’re going to be able to deal with one subject like a real expert who is going to be asked for a thousand solutions, is going to have two hundred thousand emails in their inbox, but it is precisely this which turns us into superheroes.





  • Chemical engineering: do you believe that you could be a professional in this sector? Then we won’t say any more, in this master’s degree you will train as a professional of chemical engineering and we will help you in this. It is a master’s degree completely taught in English (yes, my friend) and furthermore… you’ll be able to take part in our program which rewards the most talented students, but we’ll tell you about this at the end; don’t want to go too fast, we have lots of things to tell you still and we don’t want you to go so fast.


  • Nanoscience, Materials and Processes: do you consider yourself crazy for the nano world? Then we have everything that you need, with this master’s degree you will be to develop the science and technology of nanotructured functional systems: molecules, new materials or devices… we leave it in your hands. And more than ever, nanoscience is something which fascinates very many people and with good reason: what we cannot normally see, in the miniscule world, the forms that are not known, everything that has to do with the unknown fascinates all of us. And let’s stop talking about the topic now because we are feeling keen to get back to studying again.


  • Fluid thermodynamics engineering: it is our most research-focused master’s degree; it is dedicated above all to the study of the behaviour of work and process fluids. We prepare your way so that you reach professional success in all its facets, and we are sure that you will achieve it. And we tell it to you like this, super sure about it because you will not be the first students to pass through our centre and train yourselves professionally in a fascinating world. Sorry, we are people in love with science and chemical engineering in general, which we going to make you feel. We’ll tell you something else: if you don’t feel passion for your profession, it is a waste of time.


We have presented to you three of our master degree in Barcelona, but obviously we have a very wide offer waiting to be discovered by you. In any case, if you are curious about chemical engineering, we are your school. And what about that fantastic program which rewards the best students, which we spoke about at the beginning?

We are talking about Work Experience, a distinctive program of our centre, where the best students are rewarded with grants, courses or work experience in some of the best companies in the sector; for sure you are one, a great opportunity that you cannot let escape. Imagine yourself working in your first year in one of the greats (it is the friendly way we call the big companies in the sector such as, for example, Repsol or Gas Natural, you’re already getting used to it).

We encourage you very strongly to get in contact with us, to come to our open doors, to speak with former students about a thousand things, as long as you fall in love with your profession and you train to do it.

Love what you do, train continuously, be curious and don’t settle for anything, always want more.


See you next time! We hope that you’ll come to see us; and now as the day’s motivational phrase, we tell you that you could be the next Henry Bessemer.

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