Why is a master degree in English language your best option?

Why choose a master degree in English language? Open your professional doors
24 November 2018
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30 January 2019

You have considered it more than once, you know that a master degree in English language is the best option to give an upgrade to your training, but you have doubts, and it is the most normal thing in the world, it is an adventure that you have to think over and we understand you. You have spent all your life in obligatory education taught in Spanish or Catalan, a language in which you feel comfortable and now thinking about doing a master degree in English language feels scary: the exams will be in English, the class explanations will be in English, the questions will be in English, the expositions will be in English, everything will be taught in the English language; and you can see it as a challenge or as something that you don’t want to have anything to do with. Well then, from the precise moment that you decided on a master degree in English language teaching, we tell you that it is the best option that you could have taken. We will tell you various reasons. The first of all is that our master’s degrees are taught in English and it is something that we are very proud about as we believe that in the world of chemical engineering, the English language is a fundamental pillar that we can lean on, since it will open an infinitely of doors and we help you with this.



What you’ve always wanted to hear, we throw you in at the deep end with all the conveniences that you need to know in that respect so that your leap may be the winner of the competition.


  1. English as an international language: here we don’t tell you anything that you don’t already know, but yes we give you the opportunity to think again; we all know that English is the international language par excellence, all the world can communicate with all the world if you speak English; so we don’t only open a door for you, we open a mansion so that you learn and improve your level of English. Although in the future you may have studied English, you have the best grade in theory and a diploma which accredits it, the truly important thing is not the diplomas but fluent speech and the capacity to be able to maintain a fluent conversation with another person and this is what we want for you; think about it a little, when you sign up for an English language school in order to learn the language you limit yourself to studying theory: present perfect, past simple, present, and you learn this theory by memory, however, when you have spoken to someone in English, have you stopped to think about the form that you are using? If you are speaking about an activity that started in the past but continues in the present do you have to use the present continuous? Or if you are referring to the activity that started in the past and finished there do you need to use a form of the present simple? I bet!? Well this is what we are looking for: putting in practice the theory by teaching all of our master’s degrees in English. We are not looking for the best students in an English class, we simply give you the opportunity to feel comfortable and maintain a fluent conversation in this language. You already see it another way, right?


  1. It’s scary at first: and who wouldn’t be? We can assure you that the first days will be like making a mountain out of a molehill: learning concepts of chemical engineering in English is scary, but we can assure you that will only be so for the first days, later you’re going to understand the classes the same as if they were being given in Spanish or Catalan, furthermore you’re going to learn very much the vocabulary of the sector, and this takes us to point number 3.


  1. Its own vocabulary: speaking about engineering is speaking about English and you have to have this very clear; like any science, engineering isn’t passed by in studies or meetings, and many of these articles or studies are published in the English language by the logic that English is the international language par excellence, so we go a step further, teaching all our master degree in English language, we achieve that your fluency and reading comprehension of the most complex concepts will be ideal, since we will help you in everything and furthermore these studies will always be dealt with in class; so that you can always ask the teacher if there is something that you don’t understand, or have difficulty to understand some of the concepts explained in the article, study magazine or graphic support that you are using at that moment .


  1. Career opportunities: we’ll take one more step and stop talking about the benefits as a student to talk about the benefits as a professional. Do you know where the majority of career opportunities are to be found? I believe that you yourself have answered this question, abroad; and abroad, what language are they going to speak? English. Another good reason for doing a Master in Chemical Engineering, and we’ll tell you something else; now, it may seem that it is too much, you can’t handle a Master in Chemical Engineering and even less if it is taught in English but we pose another question: if you study the master’s in another language that is not English, you will see yourself obliged (sooner or later) to register in an English language school to improve your level and be able to assimilate the theoretical concepts and the research that are being published in this language. Furthermore, bear in mind that there is no English language school specialised uniquely and exclusively in a vocabulary for chemical engineers, for which reason you will have to get by on your own to understand everything, at the end you going to end up losing for not having wanted to do the master’s in English.




How do you see it? We believe that it’s a great opportunity to grow as a professional in the sector and specialise in a discipline with the advantage of having worked on it in English, so that nothing that you may find abroad is going to come as new. We, as your future professors, are going to help you with everything; think that our passion is that you become the professional you have always wanted to be, and we are not going to hold you back.

Welcome and thank you for deciding to take the biggest leap of your life, go for it to win, and  do not give up at any moment.


Before saying goodbye we want to say that we do teaching English master’s degree for you, because it is a unique opportunity that you will not have again. One more week we thank you for being part of us, for helping us to grow as professionals, because it is thanks to you, future chemical engineers, that we grow and we want to see you grow, there is nothing more that we desire than to see you succeed, we going to go together until the finishing line. It is in Masters Etseq technical school of chemical engineering you will be able to be trained like this and we are waiting for you with open arms.


See you in the next course! Or on the open days! Or in our day-to-day, but we will see each other soon;)

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