Why choose a master degree in English language? Open your professional doors

The reasons why engineering colleges Barcelona is your best choice
30 October 2018
Why is a master degree in English language your best option?
2 January 2019

As we announced in our post, the master degree in English language opens many doors, but first of all we are going to get into the situation 😉

Do you tend to ask yourself why study a master degree in English language? Let us tell you that you have just found your blog, and first of all we want to say that this is one of the star questions that are often made by recent graduates of a university degree, or by professionals who want a specific specialization in their sector, an upgrade on their professional CV; and what you’ll get (in addition) is something that no one else will be able to: improvement in the English language, very important in this sector, so you will have the opportunity to study a master’s degree entirely in English. Do know what that means? You’ll have the best curriculum on the desk but you don’t have to worry about this: students of chemical engineering with a master’s emerge from studies with a guaranteed place from the first day, and there are companies that will fight over the graduate year of students coming out of educational centres. Adding to that, we offer work placement from the first day; we can say to you that we are one of the few schools of chemical engineering which ensures you a professional place from the first course.

Do you still need more reasons to choose us as a master degree in English language teaching? We give them to you




It is an investment in the future. Why? a master’s degree is the academic version of professional education and training, it allows students to enter the labour market with the tools that are needed and allows workers to increase knowledge in specific areas of specialization. A master’s shouldn’t be seen as an extension of the studies but as an investment in your potential.



It will make you stand out in the labour market: having only university studies is considered as basic, so what makes the difference on the academic record is a master’s of training and professional specialization, as much if you’ve just finished your university studies as if you are interested in expanding knowledge in your professional field, the master’s will be your best ally. And we say more to you, if you think you’re ready to be trained professionally in the field of chemical engineering, you have to visit our master’s degrees.



You’ll make contacts, and as we have been commenting, the master’s degrees, as professional training, have a very varied profile of students, from university graduates to workers who want to upgrade their professional knowledge. That is why studying a master’s degree will open doors to the labour market with opportunities and you will fill your contacts diary. Don’t miss it!!



Before we commented to you, all those professionals who specialize in one of our master’s have their future secured and those master’s degrees are:


  1. Chemical engineering: do you think that you can be a professional in this sector? Then we say no more, in this master’s degree you will be trained as a professional in chemical engineering and we will help you to do this; you can also participate in our program that rewards the most talented students, but we will explain this at the end.


  1. Nanoscience, Materials and Processes: do you consider yourself mad for the nano world? Then we have what you need, with this master’s you will be able to develop the science and technology of functional nanostructured systems: molecules, new materials or devices… we leave it in your hands.


  1. Engineering in thermodynamics of fluids: it is our most researching master’s degree, it is focused primarily on the study of behaviour in the flow of work and processes. We prepare your way so you reach professional success in all its facets, and we are sure that you will get it.


  1. Occupational risk prevention : this master’s is focused on responding to a labour need growing more and more in society as a result of the publication in the Official Gazette of the regulation of services of occupational risk prevention, so we have and see an opportunity for you to train yourself in this discipline: Be the next Senior Technician.




Do you like what you are reading? We have presented to you four of our Barcelona master’s, but obviously we have a very wide offer waiting to be discovered by you. Anyway, if you feel curious about chemical engineering, we are your school. And what is that program that we you mentioned to you at the beginning? It is Work Experience, a program of our centre where the best students are awarded scholarships, courses or internships in some of the best companies in the sector; it is without a doubt, a great opportunity that you cannot miss. We encourage you to come and see us and we say to you that you can be the next Henry Bessemer, and we want to know you.


LET’S TALK ABOUT THE ADVANTAGES of teaching English master’s degree

There are many university degrees that ask you to prove a minimum level of English to graduate. Here you can observe the growing need to speak and write a second or third language fluently and that has to be English as the international language. We know it and that’s why with a master degree in English language you will not only leave perfectly prepared for the sector, you’ll have an English level much higher than anyone who has completed their master’s in another language, and that is something that you have as well as your studies and graduate master’s. And we do not stop here: all our offer of master’s degrees is taught in English so that you can manage in a discipline with which you feel comfortable.

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