Everything you need to know about the master’s degree in chemical engineering

We have the master’s degree in Barcelona that you have always been looking for.
21 March 2018
3 main reasons why I study at school of chemical engineering
5 April 2018

If you are considering studying a master’s degree in chemical engineering … we have a lot to tell you. As experts and professionals in the industry we want to tell you that it is a professional master, focused on improving and creating experts in the sector and we take it very seriously since we want you to be the best, for this and much more, we put at your disposal any of the more important (and secret) so you can overcome this master with all satisfaction do you want to discover them?




  • Constancy: the secret of success lies in perseverance and dedication, you’ve probably heard it thousands of times and let’s be honest, you don´t usually put it into practice, so our biggest recommendation is that you look at your notes with love, review the subject that has occurred in class, note all the doubts that arise when you do homework.


  • Passion for knowledge: a very important point and we understand that if you plan to study a master’s degree in chemical engineering the passion for knowledge and you have to have it, but we believe that it is a point to highlight and very important to pass successfully all the credits, we promise you that you will enjoy, we will have a good time and you will learn, do you sign up?


  • Work experience: the work expirience is a program that we offer from Masters Etseq to reward those students with outstanding and that stand out for their academic record, with this program you can access scholarships, internship programs in large companies within the sector, courses of training, economic awards to face the enrollment of the 1st year … With this program we intend to encourage professional opportunities within the leading companies in the chemical industry sector, do you want to be part of it?




Once again we welcome you to the universe of engineering and we open the doors of the professional world, a master’s degree is an opportunity for present and future and we take your professional training very seriously. Ahead! Come and see us for this course;)

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