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8 May 2018
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8 June 2018

Choosing a good master’s school may seem a complicated, tiresome task… They all seem the same and there comes a time that you would go “eeny, meeny, miny, mo”, and choose at random. Don’t worry, here we are, EtsEQ master’s, to offer all the quality teaching required by the foreign professional market; we remind you that in the world of chemical engineering there is no making mistakes.



  • Professionalism: our faculty consists of industry specialists, the best and most trained engineers who open doors to the world that you will form part of. They will teach you everything you need to know and some tips on how to get on in this world.


  • Subjects of value: as we discussed in a previous post, the subjects are the backbone of the master’s degree training; on them depend the knowledge with which you’re going to face the working world, so we do not take it lightly and we propose a list of quality subjects. Choose our master’s school.


  • The best facilities: the place of the student’s development is almost as (or more) important as the teaching imparted; if a student is comfortable in the centre their learning capabilities and productivity at work will be higher, which translates into academic success.




Our main goal is to educate future professionals in the field of chemical engineering; it is for this reason that we open the doors of our school to all branches possible, to make the master’s degree that you choose the most suitable for you. Why not enrol today?



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