The MPRL Master’s degree is taught by professionals in the field of risk prevention, which includes both people working in private companies as full-time faculty of the university.

The following are the teachers of the MPRL according to the subjects they teach:


Dr. Magda Constantí

Associate Professor of the Department of Chemical Engineering of the URV


Ms. Catalina Ubiedo Pérez

Degree in Chemistry – PREVENACTIVA, S.L.U. (sp|activa)


Sr. Luis Miguel López Fabra

Occupational Safety and Health Law

Attorney-at-law and Mediator, owner at GABINETE JURIDICO law firm in Tarragona. Postgraduate in Labor Law and Social Security and Degree in Labor Sciences. Expert in Occupational Risk Prevention.

Performs managements tasks and provides legal advice and training on labor and social matters, as well as legal defense before the    Different Jurisdictional Orders.

Sr. Lluís Balsells Virgili

Workplace Safety

Specialization in Workplace Safety, “Sociedad de Prevención de Nueva Activa SLU”, Technical Industrial Engineer. Expert in industrial processes and safety, result of several years of dedication to industrial maintenance, and later to occupational risk prevention, activity he currently performs in an Occupational risk prevention service, where he is responsible for the development and research area.

Sra. Catalina Ubiedo Pérez

Occupational Hygiene. Specialization in Occupational Hygiene.

Degree in Chemical Sciences – Works in the prevention of occupational risks since 1989. Throughout these years she has exercised different functions and is currently responsible for the product in the external prevention service, Prevenactiva, s.l.u (sp|activa). She carries out management consultancy tasks, general and specific risk assessments and, especially, those included in the field of Industrial Hygiene, i.e., applying hygiene risk assessment methodologies, as well as training at different levels and related publications.

Dra. María Josefa Figueras Salvat

Occupational Hygiene. 

Bachelor and PhD in Biology. Professor at the URV. Professor of biological risks for more than 10 years. She carries out research into the study of microscopic fungi of biomedical interest; microorganisms indicating faecal contamination in samples of drinking and bathing water; Aeromonas. She is an advisor to the World Health Organisation, the United Nations Environment Programme, the European Commission and the Catalan Water Agency of the Department of the Environment of the Generalitat of Catalonia on issues related to the microbiological pollution of bathing water.

Dr. Marçal Salvadó Artells

Occupational Hygiene. Specialization in Occupational Hygiene.

Degree and PhD in Physics. Specialized in the study of radiation in the medical field, specifically, the application of ionizing radiation in the area of radiodiagnosis, radiation protection and the measurement of environmental radiation. Head of the Medical Physics Unit of the Department of Basic Medical Sciences of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of the Rovirai Virgili University.

Dr. Jordi Tous Pallarés

Medicine, Ergonomics and Psychosociology Applied to Prevention

Specialization in Ergonomics. Specialization in Psychosociology

Lecturer at the URV. Department of Psychology. He was a member of the CSST (Health and Safety Committee) from its foundation (2001) until June 2014 when he became president (until June 2018). He has participated as member and president of the CCSS of the USSR in the elaboration of the Protocol of action in case of possible harassment (URV.L18.03.00). He was vice-rector in charge of the observatory of equality in the URV and of the actions developed in the field of gender until June 2018. She was part of the gender working group of the Lluís Vives Network of Catalan-speaking Universities. She also collaborated in the creation of the WG of the same name in the CRUE or Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities (2017). Her research focuses on violence at work, stress and psychological well-being.

Sr. Angel Andreu Jiménez

Medicine, Ergonomics and Psychosociology Applied to Prevention

Degree in Medicine and Surgery and Specialist in Occupational Medicine. He was the doctor in charge of the Port Aventura Medical Service from 1993 to 2000. He was also the doctor in charge of Health Surveillance for the Occupational Risk Prevention Service of the company Port Aventura from 1995 to 2000. He is currently in charge of the Joint Service for the Prevention of Occupational Risks of the Santa Tecla Health and Social Network.

Sr. Magí Casellas Andreu

Management, Training and Information Applied to Prevention. Work End of Master

Higher technician in occupational risk prevention according to the Prevention Services Regulations (Royal Decree 39/1997 of 17 January) in the three specialities: Safety, Hygiene and Ergonomics and Psycho-sociology. Current Director of Territorial Organisation of Activa Mutua.

Dr. José Miguel Jiménez González

Management, Training and Information Applied to Prevention

Director of the Institute of Education Sciences at Rovira i Virgili University, is a full professor at the same university.

With 24 years of teaching experience, he has held different positions in the field of academic management as Head of Pedagogy and Psychopedagogy and Vice-Dean of the Facultat de Ciències de l’Educació i Psicologia, Coordinator of the Master’s Degree in Teacher Training for ESO and Bachillerato, Formación Profesional y Enseñanza de Idiomas, and Director of the Department of Pedagogy.

His most relevant lines of research are linked to training in organisations, the training of trainers and professional training, having participated as a principal investigator and member of the research team in different projects on these subjects. His professional curriculum outside the university includes his 6 years as assistant of Human Resources in the local public administration and responsible for training, in which the management of training for the prevention of occupational risks has been one of his centers of attention.

D.Manuel Figueiredo de Jesús

External practices

Degree in Political Science and Public Management. Diploma in Management and Public Administration. Management Systems Auditor (ISO 45001). Occupational Health and Safety expert since 2001. Currently, he works as Director of the Joint Prevention Service of the “la Caixa” group.

Dr. José David Moral Martín

PhD in Sociology at Rovira i Virgili University

Lecturer and associate researcher in the Department of Business Management (Sociology area) and lecturer at the UOC. Higher technician in occupational risk prevention according to the Regulation of Prevention Services (Royal Decree 39/1997 of 17 January) in the three specialities: Safety, Hygiene and Ergonomics and Psychosociology.