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22 July 2019
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Repsol El complejo petroquimico mas importante de Espana The most important petrochemical complex in Spain El complejo petroquimico de Tarragona es el mas importante de Espana y uno de los mayores de Europa con una superficie de mas de 150 hectareas

ETSEQ-URV University offers a series of Masters related to Industry. The university is located very close to one of the most important petrochemical polygons in Southern Europe. It is a world reference cluster with an important group of multinational petrochemical companies. More than 10,000 direct jobs and some 30,000 induced jobs are generated in the cluster companies as a whole.

The ETSEQ with its masters oriented to companies is key in the training of professionals who study in a practical way in the Master and in continuous contact with nearby companies.

Internships in companies are obligatory in master’s degrees and provide students with real experience and contacts that can then become real job opportunities. Most of our masters courses are taught in English and are open to students from all over the world. This international and multicultural environment complements the training of our students and turns them into talents prepared to face today’s work challenges.

Some of the companies present in the cluster:

Dow Company

Messer Iberica de gases

Repsol Petroleo y Repsol Química








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