3 (infallible) tips for studying a master’s with success

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3 May 2018
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16 May 2018

Studying a master’s degree is not an easy task; it requires constant mental and physical effort by the student and a firm commitment. Sometimes this situation may be too much because of the stress of handing in work, tests, and especially the master’s final project. As we care for you and your performance, we are sharing with you some tips so that you succeed in your studies (and beyond)




  • Where to eat: it could seem like something out of the ordinary to you, but food is a fundamental point during our whole life, and above all at times of mental and physical effort as it is at study time. So do not skimp by eating fast food that “is cheaper and more convenient”. There are thousands of places where they have perfectly balanced fixed-price menus with all the nutrients you need and special prices for students. Get informed 😉


  • Training: attend lectures, programs, debates, round tables… During these short educational years soak up everything you can, taking advantage of the facilities that your university offers you to attend everything; it is essential that in order to study a master’s degree you don’t stick only with the knowledge learned in the classroom; that is the basics and what you need is to stand out from the crowd who will leave as professionals at your graduation. In that way you will be the best. (Also it is a great opportunity to make contacts)


  • Languages: it is something that we shouldn’t have to remember. Without languages you are not going anywhere, and regarding this, we provide you with all the facilities that we have available to us, because our master’s degrees are taught in English; even so we encourage you to attend lectures, English book clubs, language exchanges… All that you can do to improve your English level will be more than welcome and very beneficial to your CV.





From EtsEQ master’s we give you all the tools you can have available as students in order not to hold back any part of your professional training 🙂




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