What the sustainable chemical master owes to the world

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23 April 2019
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22 July 2019
sustainable engineering

Today we’re going to get serious, our sustainable chemical master is what you need to know and the reason is worth it.

Normally we take it very seriously since our own health is in danger, but we are not really taking it seriously; it is not enough paying two cents for a supermarket bag, we need real actions devised by specialist engineers and that is where we are going. Before revealing anything, we going to speak about some numbers and figures so that we all become aware of what is happening; summits are all very well, but sometimes a bit utopian with regard to the expected results.


Under the commitment to reduce environmental impact and climate changes, the UN created a meeting with the principle developed countries to take environmental awareness measures. Since then, every four years the same countries have met again to discuss the same topic and arrive at an agreement; from each event there comes a commitment to fulfil: the Paris Agreement was the previous event.

This month of December, another conference event, the COP24 was held in Katowice, Poland. What agreements did they reach?

Climate change is an irremediable fact which day by day affects our planet and our way of life, gas emissions is a problem and we must become aware and, for that reason, remedy it although it may be too late. We’re going to see what the principle agreements of the COP24 were

  1. Establishment of rules: they arrived as an agreement to establish rules and implement the Paris Agreement; we could say that they established a theoretical framework to make it possible. In addition an agreement was reached that in this year 2019, countries would be helped to attain this theoretical framework so as to be able to get everything started.
  2. Guidelines were agreed for the global diagnosis which will take place 2023.
  3. A process was launched for the approval of a new global finance reporting goal in 2025.
  4. Measures were approved to facilitate information and adaptations to actions for climate change.
  5. A committee was created to ensure the fulfilment of the Paris Agreement.

We talk a lot about the Paris Agreement, but at no moment have we commented what it deals with; and that is probably the most important fact which encompasses the chemical industry and the environment. So we are going to tell you:

We have already said that each four years an Earth Summit is held; the Paris Agreement came out of the Paris Conference held in 2015 and was the first Agreement made among the majority of the participating countries to avoid a dangerous Climate Change, putting the limit of global warming well below 2 ºC.

sustainable masters

This document brings together the most important points signed and discussed during the days in which the Paris Conference took place, and we’re going to go over them to know what the commitment of all the participating countries is. In this way, as a future engineer of a sustainable chemical master, you will be able to start thinking about how to be able to include each and every one of the points in sustainable solutions for cities. Let’s go:


  1. Reduce global emissions: it may seem a logical point but in no way easy since the world temperature cannot increase 2ºC.
  2. Global transparency and balance: here they speak about meeting every five years to establish new more ambitious goals, inform the remaining governments and evaluate advances with total transparency.
  3. Adaptation: they were focused on the countries accepting the consequences of climate change and, above all and most importantly, offering help to developing countries.

There are many other objectives as well as actions stated in the Paris Agreement, but all are intended for the same goal: avoiding global warming and the temperature rising 2ºC more.


In 2015 the Paris Agreement appeared, the first hope of the countries to be able to solve climate change; it was in that year when it became truly aware that we couldn’t carry on as until now. Ecological awareness, gases, climate change … are problems on the agenda now not of any company, but of any city; and for this reason it is something new. Something that provides a future for you, and we’ll tell you how.

Think that until now the engineers experts in sustainability only focused their activity on the company, looking for solutions to make them more sustainable and so that the environmental impact was minimal; now it has moved beyond that and we are looking for solutions in cities more than in industry, since it is these which are having a problem with pollution, as never before had measures been taken.


If what you like is original solutions and being one of the first to make great changes for the planet, we have a master’s degree for you. We always seek sustainable chemistry.

MTEM Master in energy conversion systems and technologies (one of the most requested engineering master’s) is the master’s degree that you need to know. The chemical industry and the environment can go hand-in-hand as long as you are the engineer who promotes the environmental actions applicable to a city; we are looking for integrated solutions, which go beyond using a bicycle and public transport, we are looking for great engineering solutions and you are the person we are looking for.

For all of this and more, we tell you that the sustainable chemical master is for you. Visit our website to find all the information that you need to know and be aware of. We make it all clear, so that you can choose the option you like most.

We hope to see you soon in our school, and that you come to form part of our big family of engineers ready to conquer the world.

One more week we say thank you for being with us and we encourage you to be the next names that hit the headlines. Do great things 😉


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