What sustainable energy experts want you to know

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11 July 2018
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The fact that sustainable energy is the future is not something unknown to all of us, in fact since we have had the use of thought, at school we have studied which are the renewable and sustainable energy sources, and which are fossil fuels or not renewable. Few of you thought that what you were studying at the time was to become your professional future and much less would have to do with the Master’s in Renewable Energy in Europe; before you become the next industry professionals, the experts in sustainable energy have something to say to you:




  • The future is ever closer: it was previously almost unthinkable that cars would stop being powered by petrol, it is today a reality; for the first time electric cars or hybrid cars are appearing on the automotive market We see them little because the oil market is very strong and investors are unwilling to give it up, but we have taken a very important step that we had to continue promoting; and that will be one of your jobs as a future sustainable energy engineer.


  • Research projects: so as a future professional in the sector it is not only that you are going to be participating in projects, but you may begin with a research project led by you. As we have been commenting in our posts, chemical engineers are one of the profiles most sought after, for which reason, once out of university you will have immediate incorporation in companies in the sector.


  • Progress: engineers do not abound, and some of them give up research or retire, it is the moment when you take the reins, propose new methods of action, and find solutions to various problems. The future is in your hands.




As a Superior School of Chemical Engineering, we are thoroughly aware of these recommendations of the experts to get training to the level the sector demands. It is for this reason that once you finish your training you’ll be perfectly trained to manage this world with ease. Would you like to be part of this adventure?

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