12 April 2018

What does the master of science in chemical engineering bring me? All you need to know

We get serious to talk about the master of science in chemical engineering . EtsEQ masters as a chemical engineering school we offer comprehensive training for […]
20 April 2018

ALL THE ADVANTAGES OF occupational risk prevention course

The occupational risk prevention course is as or more important than any other training and is that safety at work is essential to maintain a good […]
3 May 2018

4 things you should bear in mind before choosing a master’s

Choosing a master’s degree is not an easy task, it is a specialization after college or a leap forward to open the range of possibilities within […]
20 July 2018

What sustainable energy experts want you to know

The fact that sustainable energy is the future is not something unknown to all of us, in fact since we have had the use of thought, […]