20 August 2018

The 5 current environmental issues you should know

Environmental issues are commonplace and a problem globally which affect us all, it is of paramount importance to solve them in the shortest possible time, we […]
28 August 2018

The best engineering fair in Spain you need to know

To be a good engineer, you have to know the best engineering fair in Spain. Why? A professional must know (obviously) not only the branches of […]
13 September 2018

The million-dollar question: is chemical engineering a good degree ?

WE GIVE YOU A TEST: KNOW IF YOU’RE SUITABLE FOR THIS DEGREE   Is chemical engineering a good degree? First of all put yourself in the […]
27 September 2018

Everything you need to know about the chemical engineering university

Students or prospective students, we come to clarify all doubts about the chemical engineering university and it’s an important enough step to think twice. Last week […]