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27 June 2018
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How long does it take to get a master’s degree in engineering? We tell you
11 July 2018

What is nanoscience: a sector with a great future


We have been talking about our master’s degrees, about chemical engineering, about engineers, but at no time have we talked about what is nanoscience; and it is the basis of our Master in Nanoscience, Materials and Processes. For that reason we share with all our students and prospective master’s students why nanoscience is important and, obviously, what is nanoscience. Let’s do it!


  • Definition: as the word indicates, Nano refers to everything that has a tiny size; we are talking about 10 to 100 nanometers, i.e. it is the science that studies the behavior and tries to understand what happens on small scales; and nanotechnology is the science that seeks the manipulation and control of this behavior.


  • Engineers: engineers who study this science try to better understand the materials surrounding us to establish connections between them. Their successes are the successes of humanity.


  • Advances: nanoscience promises to be a sector that is revolutionary in the field of medicine, because nanorobots are beginning to be introduced that can solve surgeries of high complexity without the need for an invasive and aggressive technique, which may be the result of surgery nowadays, where the post-operative factors, scars, possible side effects are many of the difficulties facing doctors today. There are studies that show that nanorobots can help the healing of cancer because they can be programmed to regenerate dead skin cells that degenerate in this disease.




As you can see, what is nanoscience is not something to be overlooked; you can enter to form part of one of the most important sectors nowadays.


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