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So that the fact that you don’t know what is nanotechnology (something completely normal) isn’t the reason for already discounting this possibility. We’ll explain it to you!

Research and advances are going at such giant steps that year after year new areas of study arise that few people know about. What is nanotechnology? What is nanotechnology used for?  They are basic questions that we must know to decide what we want to study, and for that reason, in this post we are going to deal with bringing the reader a little closer to the answers which perhaps in other areas are held very clearly, but not so much when we talk about nanotechnology.

Let’s be honest, if there are times we find it a hard slog to do a degree of 4 or 5 years, it’s normal for doubts to arrive when we consider whether to continue with studies through a master’s degree. It’s also normal that if we see the word nanotechnology in a study plan, we feel a bit scared. We already think no, thinking that we wouldn’t be able to manage it; it will not be like that, but it happens because, as it seems, nanotechnology is little known by students. So, at the beginning we already tend to eliminate it from our options. To avoid this happening, and to discover a world which may turn out to go down well with you, in this post we going to deal with getting closer in a more personal way to you and try to leave clear what is nanotechnology and why it is a real and weighty option to be considered among your options. In this way we’ll stay easy thinking that if you haven’t chosen this option it is because it doesn’t suit your plans, and not for a lack of information.

It’s likely that at the moment you’re thinking we are going to say things so that nanotechnology seems the best thing, and we’re going to give the recipe about how to become a nanotechnology engineer. We understand, and for that reason we suggest a challenge that you keep reading and value if we really want to do that or, if simply we are going to try to make you interested in what is nanotechnology so that you can choose well, because the most important thing for us is our students.



We know that it’s the most tiresome part; we promise we are only going to tell you what is strictly necessary so that you understand what is nanotechnology. And for that you have to know what this study is: manipulation and engineering of material, particles and structures which have at least I dimension on the scale of longitude of 100 nanometres or less. It is an area which involves the use of other areas such as biology, chemistry or physics.


Do you see how we have kept our word and we have only given you the necessary theory? So we can move on to telling you that nanotechnology is going to give you the ability to use made-to-measure materials and other components of nanometric size to carry out innovations in products, processes and applications. Without a doubt, you’re going to develop great research skills and habits, which will allow you to be able to apply them as much to research institutes as to innovation industries.



Obviously we are delighted to resolve this question since we know that what many of our students like is to do work experience and research. For this reason we say no, it isn’t all theory; in fact it is a master’s degree oriented to research. And we could practically consider that the programme is equally divided between the theoretical part (seminars, tutorials, classroom lectures …) and the practical part (laboratory experience and research projects). So if you have this scientific motivation and are keen to develop and try new things, without a doubt this is what you are looking for.


It’s the million-dollar question. Is there work in this sector? And our answer is yes, without a doubt. In fact, the range of possibilities is great, and although it is a relatively new field, it is getting more and more important. So, although we know that there are different cases, your future will be centred on:

  • Research in universities: the master’s will allow you to be admitted to a doctorate and will be necessary so that you can begin to shape your career as a researcher.
  • Research, development and innovation in industries that require knowledge of biotechnology, telecommunications, materials or microelectronics; and which, without a doubt, are acquired in our program. Also for traditional industries interested in innovation.
  • Management, control and strategy of techniques, products and processes in industries of electronics, telecommunications, biomedicine or pharmacology.

As you can see, you will be able to be part as much in research as in industry, and you will be able to opt for very diverse areas. This way we are not going to close any doors for you. Maybe you are now beginning to consider nanotechnology among your options?




Now that we have clear what is nanotechnology, it only remains for us to add why this, and not another type of studies. We see it like this: nanotechnology is more and more present in human life, and its effect, as you have already seen, is perceived in many areas. Through the knowledge that you will acquire about all this with us, you will be able to have an impact on the production of objects useful for our day-to-day. Furthermore, you will be able to modify already known materials and even, with research, perhaps you will develop something new. Is there a better satisfaction than a feeling that you are contributing to and facilitating human life?


Do you feel that we have found a new world full of possibilities for you? Good, then you can count on us to teach you hand-in-hand how to become a nanotechnology engineer and we’ll help you to construct the first bases for a promising future.

Are you not convinced yet? That’s good too, because we have demonstrated to you that we have fulfilled the challenge that we set and we haven’t put things so that nanotechnology seems the best thing that you can do; because we want to help you so that it is you who chooses your path, and that it is you who chooses us. For sure, in order that any doubts turn you into one of those people we have found in our world, and so that you also end up having clear that we are your choice, you can consult our Master’s degree in nanoscience so that you can finish answering those doubts that you may have, and which perhaps we have not been able to answer in the post.

And although if it were up to us we could keep talking to you about nanotechnology, because we love it and because it really gives you something to talk about for hours and hours, we are going to have to say farewell and invite you to get in contact with us so that you can explain to us your doubts and we are able to resolve them in the best way possible.

They say it is never too late to learn, so we can only say to you that with us you’re going to fullfil your goals and, furthermore, you’re going to do it surrounded by an atmosphere completely right for it. Go for it and bet on your future. We are waiting for you.


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